About Stephanie...

 Photo credit:  Ashley Henderson

Photo credit: Ashley Henderson

I am type-A woman married to a type-B man, who puts up with me way more than I deserve. We have a rescue mutt named Rosie who I am completely obsessed with. I'm a momma's girl, a foodie, and an aspiring oenophile. The way to my heart is through chocolate, laughter, and surprises.

I am an extroverted introvert. I tend to speak before I think and worry for nothing. I feel most accomplished when I've truly helped someone, and it's important to me that others feel cared for and encouraged. I believe actions speak louder than words and everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. 

When I'm not planning weddings, you can find me planning Gerard's and my next adventure, probably a trip to Europe.


Know Your Wedding Style

To plan your wedding you have to know yourself. Do you have a classic, timeless style or are you more modern and edgy? Your wedding is going to be a reflection of you and your partner, so start by being honest with yourself (or your planner) about what you like and what you don't like. How would you sum up your style when it comes to your wardrobe, decorating, or taste in food? Are you a high heels and pearls or lace and boots kind of girl? Does your partner share your style or will you need to think about a location that marries both of your tastes?

If you choose a venue that, for the most part, matches your style, you will end up having less work to do (and will more likely stay in budget) than if you pick something that is not "you" and try to make it yours.

Do you like cozy, rustic details? A barn wedding might be a good fit.

If your tastes are more modern, then an industrial loft or sleek open event space might be something to consider.

 Photo credit:  KB McElmurry

Photo credit: KB McElmurry

 Photo credit:  Eli Murray Photography

Nature lovers are likely to be drawn to the outdoors. An open-air space or tented grounds may be what you picture for your big day.

 Photo credit:  Benfield Photography

Photo credit: Benfield Photography

 Photo credit:  Kristyn Hogan

Photo credit: Kristyn Hogan

For those who love classic details, a hotel ballroom, country club, or estate may be worth considering.

 Photo credit:  Katelyn James

Photo credit: Katelyn James

 Photo credit:  Blueflash Photography

Photo credit: Blueflash Photography

If toes-in-the-sand is more your speed, a destination wedding at the beach always is an option.

 Photo credit:  Meg Baisden Photography

And let's not forget about Paris. Elopement, anyone?

 Photo credit:  Pierre Torset

Photo credit: Pierre Torset